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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the military says u.s. forces have launched a drone air strike in syria targeting the terrorists known as jihadi john. he's the man in isis videos beheading a number of captives including two american journalists. the pentagon says the drone fired on a vehicle john was believed to be riding in. it's not clear whether he lived or died. also right now at 11:00, a demonstration of solidarity and defiance at howard university a day after this day was disrupted by threats. glad you're with us. i'm adam longo. >> i'm ashley foster. the fbi is investigating a chilling internet posting that caused professors to cancel classes as a precaution. >> scott broom is live to tell us hundreds of students turned out to say they will not be intimidated. >> reporter: they gathered after a day of cancellations and heightened security here which
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continues at howard university campus. they were here tonight to say they wanted this university to be safe for all african-american students who should feel free to be unapologetically black. >> it's our duty to fight for our freedom. >> reporter: students reacting with defiance took threats directed at howard university that sparked a fbi investigation. >> this is not just response to threats to us. this is a response to threat all around to all of our people. >> we're use to it. we're not afraid. >> we're not going to shut up. things like this aren't acceptable. >> reporter: the online posting under pressure from african-american students and suggesting here at howard people would be killed on campus in a suicide attack after a 10:00 a.m. deadline that a metro stop would not be safe either and saying quote, after all it's not murder if they're black. there was no shut down of the
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campus but some professors exercised the option not to hold classes. students were largely not intimidated. >> we know we're human. we know black is still beautiful. >> i definitely feel like our generation will be this the history books. it's up to us what they depict of us on. they usually say the winners on the stories. hopefully we come out on top and people take our movement seriously. >> we ready, we ready for y'all. >> reporter: as we speak behind us, on the howard university campus, a second gathering of students. one of the participants said they're gathering to be vigilant on the campus. university administration issued a statement saying there have not been additional threats. the fbi along with metro police are continuing to investigate this threat. they have not announced whether or not they have suspects. reporting live at howard
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university, scott broom, wusa 9. >> anxiety on campus tomorrow for students after those threats. thank you. tonight at university. students gathered and ignited against hate, a message at college campus across the country tonight. we have information on i a story we brought you tuesday night. a federal judge in richmond has denied bail for two virginia men accused of trying to buy guns and explosives and use them on synagogues and black churches. the judge said doyle and cheney iii are too dangerous to be let out. some scary moments for
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tourists on this sight seeing bus. the bus went up in flame during the evening rush hour commute downtown. >> made a real mess of it. we are live at 23rd street and i-northwest, scene of the accident. how are things looking tonight? >> reporter: leslie, 23rd street is back open, things back to normal. a few hours ago, the scene here was anything but normal. a double decker sightseeing bus turned into a sight in the district tonight. one moment it was driving on 23rd street north west, few hundred feet from foggy bottom metro, the next moment the bus was on fire other. >> a lot of smoke my first inclination of i smell something. what happened? a city tour bus is on fire. >> kia shot this cell phone video walking by the rush hour commute. >> i've seen a lot in this town.
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rarely you see a city bus on fire. >> the drivers and passengers were able to get off without injury. the company's name is city sights dc. according to the motor carrier safety administration, their buses have had seven inspections over the last two years. those records come up clean. no crashes, no incidents. live in northwest, wusa 9. >> thank you. the cause of the fire has not been determined. a scare late today near the capitol building. a bomb squad from u.s. capitol police checking out a suspicious car sitting on the 200 block of pennsylvania avenue northwest that appeared to have a pressure cooker inside the investigation revealed it was a pressure cooker. nothing sinister here. police found the owner. they work in the food service industry. police are looking for the kill their pulled the trigger
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over and over killing one man and badly wounding another. >> don't do that. don't do that sir. don't do that. >> relatives of the man who died were overcome with grief as they arrived at crime scene. the victims were cut down at 11:00 this morning. they were simply standing outside a home in the clay terrace public housing complex in the northeast. we spoke to a plumber nearby. >> everything came from one gun. there was no fire back and forth. you heard ten to 15 shots. >> police have not released information about the possible suspect or motive. this death marks the 142nd homicide this year. that rate is up 57% over this time last year. tonight, friends and famil gathering to remember a popular young man murdered in wood bridge. 20-year-oldzackary meter was
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shot and killed before 11:00 in a parking lot offer jefferson davis highway. the family says they don't know why anyone would want to hurt him. to a developing story now in a shocking decision from secretary of defense ash carter. >> late tonight carter fired his top adviser, over allegations of misconduct. the pentagon isn't getting more specific than that our ellisson barber is live with more. have you been able to get to the bottom of this misconduct? >> reporter: not yet. when secretary carter came to office earlier this year, one of the first people he hired was lieutenant general ron lewis. this decision to let him go came out of left field. >> ron lewis holds one of the army's most prestigious rankings. there are 35,000 in the u.s. army, 48 hold the rank he holds.
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he grew up in chicago in a military family, served three tours in iraq and afghanistan and worked along side carter for years. serving as an adviser three times. last month carter gave a speech and spoke about lewis calling him his friend time after time he was able to count on. that man, one many consider to be a rising star, is now fired and under investigation. in a statement, secretary carter said i made the decision to remove my military assistant after learning of misallegations of conduct. he said he directed the mat tore inspector general, department of -- matter to inspector general and department of defense. >> the army will take whatever actions are appropriate. reporting live, wusa 9. >> thank you. a secret service officer based at white house has been stripped of his badge, gun,
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security clearance. court documents say lee robert moore of church hill, maryland has been charged with trying to send obscene material to a child. investigators say he sent obscene messages and nude photos to himself to an undercover police officer posing online as a 14-year-old girl. they say moore sent several texts while he was on duty. newly released video shows virginia police officers tizing a handcuffed man several times before he died. all of this caught on police cruiser and hospital surveillance cameras in south boston, virginia back in may 2013. police say 46-year-old lambert was picked up for causing disturbance at a mall. police drove him to the hospital for medical valuation. he kicked out the window of the cruiser and ran. several officers tased him. instead of bringing lambert to the emergency room, police took him to jail the families attorney says
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officers tased him again on the way there. >> he's confined in the compartment of the back of the car, legs shackled, arms handcuffed. he's breathing heavily, perspiring profusely and asking for help. he's tased because he's not obeying. >> lambert died from cocaine arrest or cardiac arrest due to cocaine. lambert's family filed a $25 million wrongful suit death against the officers and police department. the u.s. warplanes are backing kurdish troops in a plan to retake a city in northern iraq now held by isis. 7500 kurdish troops are closing in on three sides trying to push isis rebels out. it sits between two strong hold, one in iraq, the other in syria. recapturing this area would cut
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off the key isis supply route. a retired army captain grew up in montgomery county. he now wears the medal of honor. in 2012 he was leading a group of fellow soldiers across a bridge in afghanistan. he spotted a man with a bomb strapped to his chest. he tackled the suicide bomber so the explosion was forced into the ground. four americans lost their lives, but many others were saved. >> he did something extraordinary. he grabbed the bomber by his vest and kept pushing him away. >> this is what you do every soldier would have done the same thing >> he suffered severe injuries and undergone 33 surgeries. he says he shares i medal with four americans on his team who did not make it home alive. anybody with any one of these things. master key magnetic card or master code can open this steel
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door and steal everything inside. >> think you're protected by putting stuff in hotel safes? think again. people who have access to your room can crack the code. how you can protect yourself, only on 9. some young men in maryland find themselves in serious trouble after cook, killing, eating one of these. yep. the story behind the nod or the -- behind the snake dinner ahead. temperature wise not bad. 44 to 52 early. 46 to 52 by 9:00. with winds increasing, going to see winds over 30 miles per hour. you should probably dress for 40s and
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only on 9 tonight, from alexiandria. she duct want us to -- doesn't want us to use her real name. what happens if people you're trying to keep out make their own way in. >> it made noise like it was really doing something. >> security experts say crimes are often inside jobs starting with the staff. reporter brendan keith uncovers the weaknesses in hotel room safes. >> just how safe is this safe? let's peel back the layers and take a look at the inner workings. the hotel staff doesn't need to know your secret code, they have their own master code. they also have master keys that can open a safe. finally, master magnetic cards that can open any safe in the
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hotel. anybody with any one of these three things, the master key, magnetic card or master code can open this steel door and steal everything inside cleaning you out. >> we checked half a dozen hotels in four state across the country and tested multiple in-room safes. at this hotel within ten minutes of maintenance man opening the hotel room, he punched in the master code and owned the -- opened the safe. he never asked for identification before the master safe code right in front of a stranger. >> there's a master code on every one of the safes. >> andrew is with g data, global software and security company. >> many times the master code is not changed. that's available on the internet. if the manager has not change had the master code, you're in big trouble. >> he warns against using your
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credit card to unlock the safe. thieves can install skimmers. >> you're giving away access to valuables and also credit card information. >> put the comeback later or do not disturb card on the door when leaving for the day. the best advice is keep your valuables out of sight by leaving them home. wusa 9. >> brendan tells the us ho the tells in most states are not liable for things stolen from your room, everyone the room safe. some rooms are getting rid of safes and have safety deposit values in the office. when you leave it at the front desk, the hotel is generally responsible for loss or theft. a jury in new york found a mobster not guilty. prosecutors say 80-year-old vincent osarro was a key member
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of the group that carried out a $6 million armed robbery in 1978. during the trial, defense attorneys argued he was framed by mob turn coats who were positioning for lenientcky in their own cases -- >> the trial lasted four weeks and more than 70 witnesses took the stand. state regulators in maryland received almost 900 applications from people and organizations that want to grow, process, sell medical marijuana in the state. regulators say the response has been so large, they lo oh no longer expect to begin -- they no longer expect to begin issuing preliminary licenses in january. maryland passed medical marijuana back in 2013.
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four teens pleaded guilty to killing and eating a protected species of rattlesnake. police say the young men shot the timber rattlesnake in august camping and fishing in maryland's green ridge state forest. the campers were guilty and fined $200 each. >> i know you're adventurous eaters, but snake? >> no. i wouldn't go there. >> someone kills this and eats it, i'll eat it. >> you bake it up and fry it. it tastes like chicken. >> exactly. >> you not going there? >> some spice or something. >> i like adam's thinking. okay. we're looking at three degrees guarantee. i raised it last night before 11:00. i was hoping for a bulls eye. not quite. high was 66. 59 of 61 61 days.
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going 59 tomorrow it may be a midnight high. temperature at mid night may be the high for the whole day. track us with our app. go to the app store, search for wusa 9 and download it free. it's still 60. dew points now in the 40s. remember earlier this evening low 50s. drier air mass. winds calm at the moment. they're starting to pick up a little bit. headlines, a dry stretch. good time to wash your car. no rain until thursday. that's iffy. bus stop 42-52 windy. make kids wear a sweatshirt. average temperatures friday. winds make it seem cooler. windy and chilly on saturday. some might call saturday cold, highs low 50s. that's it. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, mid-40s about everywhere. maybe 50 downtown. 45 gaithersburg, 46 silver
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springs, 45 fairfax. full sun across the board. by lunchtime, temperature wise it looks inviting to take lunch outside. howling winds don't do it. 57 downtown, 53 gaithersburg, 55 in leaseburg. by 6:00, we're in the 40s. going to go to a high school football game tomorrow night, bundle up. if trying to kick a last minute field goal against the wind, good luck. 50 fredricksburg. this time tomorrow night, in the low 40s in the suburbs. clouds linger. maybe snowflakes across the divide. 1:00 a.m., temperatures in the 30s and 40s. check the winds. lunchtime tomorrow, winds 25-35 miles per hour. by 5:00, 35. these are gusts. 30 miles per hour wind gust downtown. i stop it here. 2:00 in the morning, 41 miles per hour wind gusts in fredrick. here tomorrow night, we could see winds over 40 miles per
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hour. okay 50s to start, lots of sunshine. 56-57 by 1:00. saturday, windy and chilly. going to navy game, bundle up. that will finish after dark. 50 sunday, nice for ravens, burgundy and gold. monday and tuesday, upper 60s. wednesday upper 60s. temperature wise that's a bargain. we're finally finding something alex ovechkin can't do, keep teammates on sides during one of his goals. searching for a little history tonight, foiled by friendly faces and t
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how good is alex ovechkin? let me give you numbers gang. he's about to surpass federer as the most prolific goal scorer in the history of the game. it's taken him 400 fewer games. >> wow. >> wow. >> the kid can score. ov looking for history tonight
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tied with surgei. 7-11 tonight. justin william, easy there. 484 for ov. looks like it. he's pumped up. fliers coaches say we're going to challenge that. justin williams was off sides. hashtag party popper. no ov celebration. caps win 5-2. we'll have to wait another night. congrats to bryce harper, earned first silver slug area wart, given best offensive player at each position. voted on by managers and coaches. smashed 42 bombs, drove in 99 rbis and 118 runs. congrats to him. college football virginia tech and georgia tech. virginia tech wearing orange uniforms. that fits mcmillan fine.
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23-21. finally tonight, time for the thursday night tradition. that's not so much of a tradition, but i like to call it that. when's -- o when's opinion. plenty feel robert griffin is getting the shaft. shaft? shut your mouth. jay enjoyed working with him like goldberg enjoyed working with rosy o'donnell on the view. he didn't play well enough to keep his job. few years ago, he and kaepernick were supposed to revolutionize football, right? no. they're both benched. care nick hiding farm -- kaepernick hiding farm animals in that beard. give yourself time if you're not elite guy. grasping the the position is a
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marathon. sprint, they should keep it simple to get more post-game outbursts like this. >> you like that. you like that. >> what did he say? >> that was after the bucs game. he said you like that? he got pumped up. >> it was intense. >> he really
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welcome to the colbert. >> ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs stephen: hey! whooo! (applause) thanks, everybody. thanks, everyone. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: that's nice. a beautiful crowd today. thank you so much. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thanks, everybody! (cheers and applause)


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